What is soup?

What is Soup?
Soup is a liquid meal that is prepared by boiling meat, vegetables or both in water and then adding seasoning. Soup comes in all types of consistency from watery to a thicker cream like consistency. Soups are normally served during lunch and dinner. While some people regard the making of soup to be difficult, it is actually as easy meal to prepare once you've learned the soup recipe.

The Value of Soup
Everyone is different on how they view soup, some have soup as part of their meal regularly, while some make it when they feel like it. There are even people who only have soup when they feel ill or if the climate is cold. Soup can be taken as an appetizer or an actual part of the meal, it is often taken in a small bowl and doesn't serve as a main meal usually. Soups are generally cheap to and doesn't take a lot of time to prepare.

Types of Soup
There are several types of soups according to the ingredients and consistency. Soups served as appetizers are generally light in consistency (broths, bouillion) that would balance out a heavy meal. On the other hand, there are soups that go hand in hand with the main meal and these soups are often prepared in a thick consistency (cream soups, bisques, purees) full of nutrients, they go well with a lighter main meal.

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